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Woo Kwok-hing says he can heal HK's rifts

2016-10-27 HKT 15:20
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  • Woo Kwok-hing says he can heal HK's rifts
Woo Kwok-hing
Retired judge, Woo Kwok-hing, on Thursday officially announced his bid to run in next year's chief executive election, describing himself as the best person to heal rifts in the society.

Woo said he comes with no political baggage and can become an “effective bridge among the city's people, and between Hong Kong and the mainland”.

In a statement issued before he met the media, Woo also criticised the Chief Executive, CY Leung, for failing to "address public grievances and halt the division in our society”.

At a press conference later, Woo said it’s “rather inappropriate” for the Chief Executive to sue the Legislative Council president over the recent oath-taking controversy of two Youngspiration lawmakers, Sixtus Leung and Yau Wai-ching.

He said it would give people an impression that the executive branch is trying to intervene with the legislature. “To say the least, it doesn’t look very good,” Woo said.

He was also asked whether he accepts the controversial electoral framework that Beijing set down for the chief executive on 31 August 2014. “I’m not saying I accept the frame work,” he said.

He said the next chief executive should consult and communicate with different parties, try to reach a consensus, and submit what he calls “an honest report” of the situation to Beijing for it to make a fresh decision on the SAR’s political development. He said as long as its sovereignty is intact, the Central Government will know what to do.

He also said Hong Kong has the duty to enact the controversial national security laws stipulated in Article 23 of the Basic Law.

He also said he didn't inform Beijing before announcing his candidacy, and from what he gathers, the central government has had no response to his decision to run.

He promised that if elected, he'll refuse to enact any laws that violate the Basic Law, even if Beijing tells him to. And he won't hesitate to tell the central government if he thinks their decisions aren't right for Hong Kong.

Last updated: 2016-10-27 HKT 16:51