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Woo Kwok-hing disappointed by vanishing support

2017-03-26 HKT 14:49
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  • Woo Kwok-hing disappointed by vanishing support
Election loser Woo Kwok-hing said on Sunday that he was disappointed that many of the pro-democracy Election Committee members who nominated him for the race didn't vote for him when it counted.

Woo came third in the poll with just 21 votes, behind winner Carrie Lam who took 777 and John Tsang who received 365. Woo had enjoyed the support of 180 Election Committee members at the nomination stage.

After the defeat, Woo thanked his team and family for their support, and praised the 21 voters who did back him for sticking to their principles.

He said he hoped Lam would listen more to people’s views when she becomes Chief Executive.

“I hope she will reunite Hong Kong. And that’s the most important thing. Hong Kong is split and divided,” the retired judge said.

Woo added that he believes Lam does have what it takes to unite the people and make the city a nice place to live in.