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'Liu Xiaobo slipping in and out of coma'

2017-07-13 HKT 18:24
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Mainland writer Ye Du said on Thursday that his friend Liu Xiaobo has been slipping in and out of coma, and he expects the periods Liu remains unconscious will become longer in the final hours of his life.

The hospital in Shenyang has been giving regular updates of Liu's condition in recent days, but did not issue one on Thursday.

On Wednesday, the hospital said Liu was suffering breathing problems and had multiple organ failure.

Meanwhile an exiled mainland writer, Liao Yiwu, has issued an open letter, calling for the release of the dissident.

The exiled writer in Germany has been asking German chancellor Angela Merkel to help Liu and his wife leave China.

Liao said it will pain him forever if the Nobel peace award winner dies in China and his wife Liu Xia cannot leave the country.