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'Students lose internships after poster saga'

2017-09-09 HKT 17:52
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  • 'Students lose internships after poster saga'
At least 10 Education University students are rumoured to have lost their internships after a banner "congratulating" a top education official on the death of her son appeared at the campus.

The university’s student leader Lala Lai said she learnt about it at a meeting with the school's management on Friday, adding that the dean of students is also unsure if it was true.

Lai said the student union would write to the university's vice-president to seek clarification. She also said, if it is true, it is not fair to other students who have nothing to do with the offensive poster, as it's still unclear if the culprits were their students.

The poster was put up on a public notice board, managed by the student union, "congratulating" the Undersecretary for Education Christine Choi on the death of her son, who jumped to his death on Thursday.

It has since drawn widespread condemnation, including from the Chief Executive Carrie Lam.

Lai added she was also told that some schools have indicated that those who graduated from the Education University will not be hired.

The Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung said he has not heard about such rumours and said he believed the controversy would not affect all graduates from Education University.