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Chu Hoi-dick defends press exclusion bid

2017-11-03 HKT 12:02
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  • Chu Hoi-dick defends press exclusion bid
Chu Hoi-dick talks to RTHK's Janice Wong
Land Justice League legislator Chu Hoi-dick has defended his move in Legco to invoke a rare rule aimed at removing the public and the media from the council chamber.

The tactic, which was part of a bid on Thursday to stall debate on a motion on the West Kowloon terminus plans, has been strongly criticised by government ministers, pro-establishment lawmakers and journalist associations.

They accused Chu of acting against the public interest and abusing Legco rules, while Democratic Party chairman Wu Chi-wai joined in with the criticism, saying he did not agree with the move which had taken him by surprise.

But Chu told RTHK's Janice Wong it was a collective decision by the pro-democracy camp.

"We actually knew about that article the day before, when the pro-establishment camp tried to amend it. Therefore, we had only less than one hour to discuss that usage of it. I am the one that was decided by the whole camp to be the representative to move the motion."

Speaking after appearing on an RTHK programme, Chu said he has to use every strategy he can in what he described as an "extreme situation".

He said he hopes to drag out the council's proceedings until March, when he hopes the pan-democrats will win back seats in by-elections sparked by the disqualification of opposition lawmakers.