Legco changes not solely aimed at filibusters: CE - RTHK
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Legco changes not solely aimed at filibusters: CE

2017-11-09 HKT 11:43
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  • Legco changes not solely aimed at filibusters: CE
Maggie Ho reports
Chief Executive Carrie Lam said on Wednesday that changes to Legco procedures are needed as the current ones are outdated, as she denied that proposed amendments are just aimed at stopping the opposition from filibustering.

During an interview with former Legco president Tsang Yok-sing for RTHK TV show
Legco Review – which is scheduled to air on Thursday – Lam said some of the rules of procedure are "outdated" and "do not fit in with the current political system".

Lam also said she'd had a tough start to her efforts to bring a divided society back together, given the controversies of past months, like the disqualification of six pro-democracy lawmakers and the jailing of Occupy protesters.

She said she feels "helpless" despite the olive branches she hasoffered. But Lam said she will not give up hope and believes there will be "blue skies after the rain".

The Chief Executive also said that good policies can eventually mend ties.

About her proposed civil servant academy, Lam said there is huge room for improvement in civil servants' understanding of the "One Country, Two Systems" principle.

She said the academy will provide courses to teach staff about the country, as well as training on innovation and technology.

The CE also said a revamp of the Central Policy Unit, now renamed as the Policy Innovation and Coordination Unit, should help change the public's perception that there's a lack of coordination among government departments.

Legco Review will air at 6pm on TVB Jade and 8pm on RTHK's TV31 and TV31A