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Regina Ip alleges threats, Link Reit denies claim

2017-12-06 HKT 18:23
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  • Regina Ip alleges threats, Link Reit denies claim
New People's Party chairwoman Regina Ip on Wednesday accused the Link Reit of making threats in a bid to silence her criticism of the investment trust, with the Reit immediately denying any such moves.

Ip said the Reit made its threats through the founder of the Lion Rock Institute, Simon Lee. But Lee also denied any such thing, saying all he did was to offer to be a bridge between the two parties.

Ip said Lee told one of her top party members that she should stop criticising the Reit or it would spell trouble for her district councillors.

She alleged Lee has close links with the real estate investment trust, pointing out that the institute's chairman, Nick Sallnow-Smith, was a long-time chairman of the Reit.

Ip also added that the Link Reit did contact her afterwards to offer an apology, but said she refused to accept it.

"I do have two district councillors renting the Link's housing units, so I'm very concerned. And I will follow up with the government, the secretary for transport and housing or the secretary for financial and services, to make sure that the Link sticks to proper business practices and stops making trouble for my district councillors," she said.

Link said it was shocked to learn about the allegations, and said it hadn't relayed any such messages to her party members through third parties.

The Reit said Ip was being misguided and they will try to communicate with her and the party through "additional" channels.