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Legco meeting adjourned before rules discussed

2017-12-06 HKT 21:20
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  • The Civic Party's Alvin Yeung. Photo: RTHK
    The Civic Party's Alvin Yeung. Photo: RTHK
The Legislative Council concluded its meeting on Wednesday with lawmakers yet to begin discussion on amending the council's Rules of Procedure.

Pan-democratic legislators tried to filibuster Wednesday's proceedings by constantly calling for quorum counts, and making lengthy speeches on a subsidiary piece of legislation on the Trainee Solicitors Amendment Rules.

Members of the pan-democratic camp had said earlier they would come up with imaginative tactics to try and block the pro-establishment camp from steamrolling ahead with changes to the rules of procedure.

The pan democrats have vowed to do all they can to stall the debate until March by-elections, as they hope to regain their numerical superiority in the geographical constituencies through the polls. That will give them veto power to block some amendments that require a majority vote in both the functional and geographical sectors.

Speaking after taking part in a RTHK programme, Civic Party leader Alvin Yeung had admitted that the opposition camp are in a corner.

"There are of course limitations on what we are going to do. There are some things that we will never do, there are some things that we can't do," he said.

"I would say we are trying to be imaginative. We are trying to be reasonable in a sense that voters and the public would understand what we are doing," Yeung said.

One proposal by Beijing-friendly lawmakers is to reduce the quorum number to 20 for Legco's general meeting every Wednesday from the current 35, which is half of the number of lawmakers in the council.

The meeting was scheduled to resume on Thursday morning.