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Education minister’s remarks alarming, says Ip Kin-yuen  Listenfacebook
Education sector lawmaker Ip Kin-yuen says he's alarmed by remarks made by the mainland's Minister of Education Chen Baosheng about the need for Hong Kong to re-launch national education. Chen had earlier told RTHK that patriotic education must be strengthened as some young people were advocating for independence for the SAR. And he added that it's up to the government here to decide what concrete policies are suitable. But Ip said the minister should refrain from talking about local education.
New subsidised housing scheme proposed to make buying easier  Listenfacebook
The think-tank founded by former chief executive Tung Chee-hwa is urging the government to consider rolling out another subsidised housing scheme that it says can make it easier for buyers to eventually buy private flats. The 'Our Hong Kong Foundation' says one of the biggest problems that current subsidised housing residents face is how to come up with the substantial premiums needed to be able to sell their flats on the open market. It's proposing a new 'Subsidised Homeownership Scheme' aimed at making this more affordable. William Tsang, a senior researcher with the foundation, told Annemarie Evans more about the proposal:
Shinzo Abe’s ruling coalition secures decisive, but expected, victory  Listenfacebook
Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has secured a decisive victory in the country's general election, with his ruling coalition maintaining its two-thirds majority in parliament. Mr Abe says he will use strong, resolute diplomacy and work with the US, China and Russia to deal with the threat from North Korea. RTHK's Tokyo correspondent, Julian Ryall, told Annemarie Evans that another term for Abe was expected.