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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Mike Weeks and Ian Pooler


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Selected audio segments:
Merging of marine parks hailed as step forward in dolphin protection   Listenfacebook
Conservationists have welcomed the government's proposal to combine two proposed marine parks south of Lantau to create a single, connected protected area of approximately 2,000 hectares. It would cover the Soko Islands and the waters west of Shek Kwu Chau, an area seen as vital for the survival of Chinese white dolphins and finless porpoises. The idea was submitted to the Country and Marine Parks Board. WWF Hong Kong's conservation manager for oceans, Samantha Lee, says the government will find it easier to get support for a bigger marine park as it will better protect the dolphins' habitat:
Consultants sought for development on edges of country parks   Listenfacebook
Sources say the Housing Society will start work as early as next week on recruiting consultants to look at building public housing right beside country parks. The government has directed the society to assess the ecological value and development potential of two 20 hectare sites on the edge of the Tai Lam and Ma On Shan Country Parks. RTHK understands that the society has completed initial screening of potential bidders, and will brief the Country and Marine Parks Board on Friday. It's a contentious issue, as concerns about irreversible damage to Hong Kong's natural environment bump up against a pressing need for more housing. Ken So is a member of the Country Parks Board and chief executive of the Conservancy Association. Ian Pooler asked him for his view on the development:
19th party congress seminar ‘not brainwashing’  Listenfacebook
It was not a brainwashing session and we were not told what to do. That was the view of some Hong Kong officials who attended Thursday's seminar on the 19th Communist Party Congress. It was given by the head of the party's literature research centre, Leng Rong, and the head of Beijing's liaison office in Hong Kong, Wang Zhimin. John Burns is a professor of politics at the University of Hong Kong. Mike Weeks asked him for his assessment of the seminar:
Refurbished centre set to boost nurse training   Listenfacebook
The University of Hong Kong has been showing off a newly refurbished training centre for student nurses, which will allow them to learn their skills in a simulated ward that's as close to the real thing as possible. As well as life-sized dummies that can appear to sweat or bleed, there are now also mock-ups of elderly homes. Jimmy Choi went along to have a look at the new facility:
Irish report brands UK approach to Brexit as 'chaotic'  Listenfacebook
The British government has refused to comment on a leaked report branding its approach to Brexit as "chaotic". The internal Irish government paper, documents the scathing assessments of EU figures' to members of the British cabinet, such as the Brexit Secretary David Davis. Ian Pooler asked London-based correspondent Peter Anderson for more details of the report:
Operation Santa Claus 2017: Integrated Brilliant Education Trust  Listenfacebook
One of the beneficiaries of this year’s Operation Santa Claus - the annual charity campaign organised by RTHK and the South China Morning Post - is Integrated Brilliant Education Trust, or IBET. Radio 3’s Angie Man spoke to Manoj Dhar, the CEO and Co-founder of IBET, about its educational support, particularly for Chinese language learning for underprivileged ethnic minority students. She also chatted with students Sedan and Shirley at IBET's Jordan Centre: