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Some fire safety measures might be difficult to implement  Listenfacebook
The Executive Director of Self Storage Association Asia, Luigi La Tona, says there could be difficulties in implementing some fire safety measures at mini-storage facilities. But he says it was alarming that nearly a third of the facilities inspected by the Fire Services Department were found to pose fire hazards. The inspections were conducted after a fierce blaze claimed the lives of two firefighters in June. Luigi La Tona tells Annemarie Evans that his trade has been working hard with the authorities to meet fire safety goals.
Development secretary being defensive  Listenfacebook
The Chairman of Professional Property Services, Nicholas Brooke, says he found the Development Secretary, Paul Chan, defensive when he spoke about the latest supply of flats, especially the smaller units. He says the supply of such flats is actually behind target and a lot of ground has to be made up. Brooke tells Jim Gould that the property market appears to be showing very little signs of weakening.
Israel criticises John Kerry  Listenfacebook
Israel has criticised the American Secretary of State over a speech in which he defended the US decision not to veto a UN resolution last week condemning illegal Jewish settlements on occupied Palestinian land. John Kerry said the settlements endanger the prospect of a peace deal with the Palestinians based on a two-state solution. But the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said he was deeply disappointed by what he described as a radical shift in American policy. Jerusalem-based journalist, Robert Berger, tells Annemarie Evans that the Obama administration appears to be more hostile towards Israel than the previous ones.