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Taxi fare rise will do little to improve drivers’ income, says Frankie Yick  Listenfacebook
The Legislative Council’s transport sector representative Frankie Yick says taxi drivers will be disappointed with plans to raise taxi flag fall fares by HK$2 in April. Yick says that’s because the fare rises won’t do enough to improve the lot of taxi drivers, whose income falls far behind those of other professional drivers. He told Jim Gould that the taxi drivers earn between 27 and 37 percent less than their counterparts, and the fare rise will only narrow that gap a little bit.
CY attempting to undermine Tsang, prop up Lam: Dennis Kwok  Listenfacebook
A coordinator for the group of more than 300 pro-democracy Election Committee members says Chief Executive CY Leung’s criticism of CE-hopeful John Tsang’s election platform is clearly an attempt to undermine the former financial secretary. Civic Party lawmaker Dennis Kwok also says Leung will use every opportunity to prop up his preferred successor – former Chief Secretary Carrie Lam. He told Annemarie Evans that Leung’s questioning of Tsang’s housing policy proposals also exposed the Chief Executive’s own shortcomings in solving the city’s land and housing shortage.
UK Commons Speaker’s comments draw backlash from senior officials  Listenfacebook
The Speaker of the UK’s House of Commons, John Bercow, says he’s strongly opposed to allowing the US President, Donald Trump, to address Parliament during a state visit planned for later this year. He said opposition to racism and sexism, and support for an independent judiciary are hugely important to the House. But Bercow’s come in for criticism from some Conservative Party MPs, who say the speaker should’ve remained neutral. And, RTHK’s UK correspondent Gail Downey told Annemarie Evans that the comments have also drawn the ire of some US congressmen.
Soccer Sevens boasts of a star-studded lineup  Listenfacebook
This year's Hong Kong Soccer Sevens will feature its most international lineup in its 19-year history of the event. Teams from Germany, Italy, and France are due to compete at the Hong Kong Football Club in May. The tournament director, Chris Plowman, spoke to Jim Gould.