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Hong Kong government’s response to Brazil meat scandal "very stupid", says lawmaker   Listenfacebook
Democratic Party lawmaker, Helena Wong, says the Hong Kong government has been "too passive and too slow, as well as very stupid" in responding to the rotten meat scandal in Brazil. She says it has only ordered a ban on further imports of the meat, but has done nothing to protect public health by ordering a recall of the products that have already been imported into the territory. Wong, who is also the chairwoman of the Legislative Council’s Panel on Food Safety and Environmental Hygiene, speaks to Annemarie Evans.
Steps will be taken to ensure trouble-free rallies  Listenfacebook
The Civil Human Rights Front says it will ensure that trouble doesn’t break out when its holds protests on Saturday and Sunday against what it calls the small-circle Chief Executive Election. Its convenor, Au Nok-hin, says even though they have not applied for a police permit to hold the rallies, there will be marshals on hand to maintain order. He also tells Jim Gould that the front and the police could come to some kind of arrangement to ensure there are no problems.
Explosives could be difficult to detect in electronic devices  Listenfacebook
A Professor of Peace Studies at Bradford University in Britain, Paul Rogers, says skilled bomb-makers now seem to be able to place explosives in electronic devices that are difficult to detect by conventional x-ray systems at airports. He says that is probably why the United States and Britain have banned passengers on in-bound flights from certain Middle Eastern, African and Turkish airports from taking laptops, tablets, games and DVD players in their cabin baggage. Rogers tells Annemarie Evans that the risk of placing explosives in electronic devices has increased as the jihadist group, Islamic State, has suffered major setbacks in the air war against it.