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Home prices expected to continue rising  Listenfacebook
A director of Colliers, David Faulkner, says he expects property prices to continue rising in the near future. He says there is still a strong demand for flats especially at the lower end of the market. Faulkner says small increases in mortgage interest rates may not dent demand but if they increase more, they might put a brake on rising prices. He tells Jim Gould that another factor is how fast the supply of flats could be increased.
Abused girl could suffer serious psychological problems in future  Listenfacebook
Priscilla Lui from Hong Kong Committee on Children's Rights says the case of a young girl who was filmed being repeatedly punched by her father is heartbreaking, horrifying and infuriating. She says although she’s now in safe hands in an institution, problems could also arise there. Lui tells Annemarie Evans that the girl might suffer from serious psychological problems in future and everything should be done to prevent this from happening.
Passage of same-sex marriage legislation in Germany was a political necessity  Listenfacebook
RTHK’s London correspondent, Peter Anderson, says the German parliament’s vote to legalise same-sex marriage was a political necessity for Chancellor Angela Merkel. He also says Germany has been quite behind other European countries to approve such a legislation. The bill will grant gay and lesbian couples full marital rights, including child adoption. Anderson speaks to Annemarie Evans.