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No explanation for delayed medical blunder report concerns lawmaker  Listenfacebook
Civic Party lawmaker Kwok Ka-ki says he’s concerned that it took so long for the United Christian Hospital to report a medical blunder to the Hospital Authority. An investigation by the authority blamed a lack of vigilance by doctors for a medical error at the hospital which left a patient’s liver in such poor condition she needed a transplant. Kwok said there was a delay of 19 days before the hospital informed the authority, and then another 19 days passed before the blunder was made public. He told Annemarie Evans that it was disappointing that the investigation panel hadn’t explained why the system hadn’t worked as expected.
Green group warns of increasing energy consumption  Listenfacebook
An environmental group is warning that an increasing number of data centres and luxury residential club houses are driving up the territory's energy consumption. The World Green Organisation says a study it carried out with City University also shows both businesses and households used seven percent more energy in 2014 than the year before. William Yu from the group told Jim Gould that if no action is taken on the energy use of data centres, they'll become what he calls "time bombs".
North Korea's July 4 ICBM missile launch 'no coincidence'  Listenfacebook
North Korea claims it has test fired its first intercontinental ballistic missile, further fuelling regional tensions. If the North Korean claims are true, it would put the United States within range of its missiles. RTHK’s Seoul correspondent, Frank Smith, told Annemarie Evans that it’s no coincidence that this latest launch was timed to coincide with July 4 – the American independence day holiday.