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Carrie Lam has destroyed goodwill: academic  Listenfacebook
An academic says the Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, seems to have destroyed the goodwill she had established with the teaching profession. Ma Ngok, from the Chinese Unversity's Department of Government and Public Administration, says when Lam announced plans to increase spending on education, the profession welcomed it. But he said it has now turned against her after she appointed Christine Choi as the Undersecretary for Education. Professor Ma tells Annemarie Evans that Lam didn't make a wise choice, and her decision is going to make Choi's work very difficult.
Carrie Lam criticised over ban on online media  Listenfacebook
The Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, has been criticised for failing to come up with firm plans to lift a ban on online media from attending government events. She says she's asked the Director of Information Services to study the matter, which is the subject of a legal challenge. The CE said she hopes dialogue - rather than the courts - can resolve cases like this one. Daisy Li is the chief editor of the web outlet, Citizen News. She spoke to Jim Gould.
Virtual private networks essential in mainland China: analyst  Listenfacebook
The chief executive of Apple has defended the tech giant's decision to remove apps supporting virtual private networks - or VPNs - from its app-store in the mainland. Tim Cook said the company was attempting to comply with mainland regulations. Beijing has shut down dozens of China-based VPN providers and has been targeting overseas services as it tightens control over the internet, ahead of a Communist Party congress later this year. A Chinese partner of global e-commerce firm Amazon has also told customers to stop using VPNs. But China analyst Mark O'Neill told Annemarie Evans that VPN services are essential in mainland China.