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Flying schools are regulated  Listenfacebook
A Hong Kong trainee pilot has died in a crash in Australia. The accident happened in Melbourne on Thursday. Nicholas Cheung, who's said to be about 20 years old, was trapped in the light plane after the crash. He was said to have suffered facial, chest and spinal injuries. Rescue officials said after they pulled Cheung out of the debris, he and his instructor were airlifted to hospital for treatment. Investigators are probing what caused the crash. Civic Party lawmaker Jeremy Tam, who is also a pilot, told Annemarie Evans that flying schools are regulated.
Conviction for abusing fish a major victory: SPCA  Listenfacebook
The former owner of a pet fish store has been slapped with a suspended jail sentence for abusing a fish. A video of the defendant, Hui Kwok-yu, repeatedly slamming a plastic bag containing the fish hard onto the ground was uploaded to the internet early this year. He was apparently trying to prove to a customer that the bag holding the fish, some water, and inflated with air could take the punishment. The SPCA's Deputy Director of Veterinary Services, Dr Jane Gray, says it was the first conviction of animal cruelty in Hong Kong that involved a fish. But she told Jim Gould that the sentence was less than what they would have liked, but it was a major victory for them.
Briton who stopped WannaCry attack arrested over separate malware claims  Listenfacebook
A British man credited with stopping a huge cyber-attack in May which affected computers in more than 150 countries has been arrested in the United States. Marcus Hutchins is facing unrelated charges involving banking malware. In the WannaCry attack, hackers demanded money to restore access to 300,000 computers. RTHK's UK correspondent Gavin Grey spoke to Annemarie Evans about the case.