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Hard line against independence-seekers ‘counterproductive’  Listenfacebook
Former Civic Party chairwoman Audrey Eu is warning that taking a hard line against independence advocates at local universities only risks inflaming the situation. She says most students only want to open up a dialogue on the controversial topic. Eu was speaking after pro-independence banners and fliers were put up at multiple university campuses in recent weeks; triggering calls by some pro-government figures to demand punishment for those involved. But she told RTHK's Jim Gould that this would be counterproductive:
Elderly people urged to get tested for Hep B  Listenfacebook
Researchers at the University of Hong Kong are urging people above 65 to test for Hepatitis B and to seek medication if they are carriers, as it significantly cuts the chances of liver cancer. This comes after a landmark territory-wide study they did showed that it is less likely for Hepatitis B carriers to develop liver cancer, if they are prescribed with the drugs that suppress the virus. It is by far the largest scale study of its kind, looking at data from all public hospitals spanning from 1999 to 2012. Ben Tse asked one of the leading researchers, Dr Walter Seto, how the number of liver cancer cases in relation to Hepatitis B infections has changed over the years: