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Group calls for rent-for-life scheme for the elderly  Listenfacebook
The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors has called on the government to partner with NGOs and developers to build flats specifically designed for elderly people. Under the group's proposal, people would pay a one-off lump sum of less than HK$3 million to rent a home – where they could stay for the rest of their lives. These homes should be equipped with things like handrails and slip-resistant floors, and residents would have access to care centres and clinics built next door. Ben Tse asked CK Chan, a fellow of the institute, why there's a need for such flats:
China lashes out at India over alleged drone crash  Listenfacebook
China says an Indian drone has crashed on its territory. It has called the incident a violation of its territorial sovereignty. A Defence Ministry statement gave no details of where the crash took place or when, other than describing it as recent. The incident comes just months after India withdrew its troops from a disputed Himalayan border region -- after a lengthy stand-off with PLA forces. Annemarie Evans asked China analyst Mark O' Neill what he thought of the row: