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Beijing tightening grip on Hong Kong: analyst  Listenfacebook
A China analyst believes Beijing is tightening its grip on Hong Kong. Professor David Zweig said Premier Li Keqiang didn’t mention phrases like ‘Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong’ and ‘high degree of autonomy’ in his work report to the National People’s Congress because the central government doesn't want them to lead to calls for the SAR's independence by young people in the city. Professor Zweig, who's the director of the University of Science and Technology's Centre on China's Transnational Relations, also told Annemarie Evans that there has been an overreaction to plans to scrap the presidential term limit in China:
Survey shows women suffer more stress than men  Listenfacebook
A survey by the University of Hong Kong has found that women in the city reported having more stress in their lives over the past year, compared with men. Researchers polled 1,500 people by phone and found over half of them experienced at least one stressful life-event over the past 12 months. But women interviewees said they experienced more of these incidents, and these events were more likely to affect whether or not they're satisfied with their lives. Dr Sherry Chan from the university's Department of Psychiatry spoke to Jim Gould:
US aircraft carrier visits Vietnam  Listenfacebook
For the first time since the end of the Vietnam War, the US has sent an aircraft carrier to the country. The nuclear-powered USS Carl Vinson is anchoring off Danang -- the central Vietnamese port where American combat troops first landed 53 years ago to fight the communist government. The visit reflects growing military ties between the two countries. Annemarie Evan asked RTHK’s Southeast Asia correspondent, Luke Hunt, how the visit was being received in Vietnam: