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Transport chief backs resumption of rail trials  Listenfacebook
Transport chief Frank Chan is giving assurances that it's completely safe for the MTR Corporation to re-start trials of its high-speed rail trains just ten days after a train was found partially derailed at its depot. The railway has concluded that the maintenance track wasn't strong enough to handle the weight of the train, and a curved section got bent out of shape, causing the incident. The chairman of Legco's subcommittee on railways, Michael Tien, says it appears to be the fault of a consultant. He told Candice Wong that the fault won't affect the trials going forward:
Monetary Authority expected to have to prop up HKD again  Listenfacebook
Financial services firm Credit Suisse says it expects the Hong Kong Monetary Authority to have to step in to prop up the Hong Kong dollar again throughout the coming month, with the currency at its weakest level since 2005. In two transactions, the de-facto central bank bought over 3.2 billion Hong Kong dollars after the currency fell to the lowest limit of its trading band -- at 7.85 to the US dollar. Jack Siu, Senior Investment Strategist for Asia Pacific at Credit Suisse told Annemarie Evans he thinks the Hong Kong dollar will gradually strengthen against the greenback:
Moscow hits back against Syria chemical attack claims  Listenfacebook
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says Moscow has "irrefutable" evidence that an alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria was staged with the help of a foreign secret service. According to Syrian medics, more than 40 people died last week in a strike on the former rebel outpost of Douma, of symptoms consistent with the use of chemical weapons. The US and its allies believe the Syrian regime was behind the attack, but Russia has long insisted it was staged by rebels in an attempt to provoke further Western intervention. Annemarie Evans asked our Moscow correspondent Fred Weir for his assessment of the situation: