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Higher penalties needed to protect ticket buyers  Listenfacebook
The Chief Executive of the Consumer Council, Gilly Wong, says higher penalties are necessary to discourage those operating online platforms from cheating people while reselling tickets for concerts and sporting events. The watchdog examined three ticket-selling platforms and accused them of falsely inflating demand in order to jack up prices. Wong spoke to Jim Gould:
Syrian regime accused of defying ban on use of chemical weapons  Listenfacebook
The Syrian regime ratified the international Chemical Weapons Convention five years ago to stop using chemical weapons against its enemies. It came after an attack on several suburbs of the capital Damascus that involved the nerve agent Sarin, and left hundreds of people dead. The horrific pictures of victims convulsing in agony shocked the world. But an investigation by the BBC has unearthed evidence that suggests Syria has since used chemical weapons at least 106 times. Annemarie Evans asked Paul Rogers, a Professor of Peace Studies at Bradford University in the UK, what he made of the investigation: