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CE blind to needs of elderly: Claudia Mo  Listenfacebook
The convenor of the pan-democratic camp, lawmaker Claudia Mo, says she doesn't accept Carrie Lam's offer to try to be ‘more diplomatic' after she angered legislators by pointing out that it was they who approved a controversial change to an age requirement for elderly welfare payments. The government's been under increasing pressure over its decision to raise the minimum age for the higher dole payments from 60 to 65 starting next month. But the Chief Executive says she's just a straight talker telling it like it is. Ms Mo says it's not Mrs Lam's way of speaking that's the problem, it's her inability to empathise with elderly people struggling to make ends meet. She spoke to Annemarie Evans:
Taxi drivers trying to extend their monopoly: Charles Mok  Listenfacebook
IT sector lawmaker Charles Mok is accusing the taxi trade of trying to bully the government into giving them even more control over the market by holding rowdy protests against ride-hailing services like Uber. On Tuesday, some angry drivers bashed their own taxis with hammers as part of a protest where they accused the government of turning a blind eye to illegal services offered by Uber drivers. Mok told Priscilla Ng that their allegation that Uber has affected their business isn't good enough a reason to hold back progress: