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No truth in bookseller's claim: China's UK envoy

2017-06-30 HKT 12:17
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China's ambassador to the UK says there's no truth whatsoever to claims by Lam Wing-kee that he and four other Causeway Bay booksellers were forcibly detained on the mainland for publishing titles critical of or embarrassing to state leaders.

Liu Xiaoming told the BBC that there was “no truth at all” in the reports.

“I read some reports, about the so-called arrest, been taken to China, cohesion, by force ... there is no truth in it. No truth at all,” he said.

“And also I would say when you look at the society, is it free or not free? You should have a big picture. You can not only focus on some discontented people, focus on some complaints,” he continued.

Liu also rejected British government reports on the issue which said some of booksellers were “involuntarily removed” from Hong Kong.

He said the half-yearly reports issued by the British government are comments on the internal affairs of a country, as Hong Kong is an integral part of China.

But, he added, that even those reports have complimented Beijing on the implementation of the One Country, Two Systems principle.