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Alex Chow thanks Rimsky Yuen for prison experience

2017-11-07 HKT 13:58
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  • Alex Chow thanks Rimsky Yuen for prison experience
Occupy activist Alex Chow said on Tuesday he wanted to thank Justice Secretary Rimsky Yuen for what he described as a "magical journey" as he was released on bail pending an appeal against his sentence for unlawful assembly.

Chow was flanked by fellow pro-democracy activists Joshua Wong and Nathan Law as he spoke outside the Court of Final Appeal, which earlier in the day gave all three the go-ahead to challenge the prison terms they were given in August.

Chow, 27, said he had learned a lot while in prison and he credited Yuen for this.

"I think I also have to thank Rimsky Yuen for providing a platform to give us or the people of Hong Kong a lot of opportunities to let justice not only be done but also to be seen," he said.

Wong and Law were granted bail two weeks ago. Despite the trio being given leave to appeal, Wong, 21, said he was prepared for the worst.

"Three of us, Alex, Nathan and I still have possibility to be put inside prison again a few months later. However, it's really good news for us to get successfully the leave to appeal to the CFA," Wong said.

"I hope in the future we can through the trial clarify how civil disobedience can be recognised when the judges announce any verdict to activists fighting for justice and democracy."

Law, 24, said their time in prison had not changed their relationship in any way. "We still feel very familiar with each other, we're still the same and we stuck with our beliefs. And this makes me happy."

Chow said the three were planning to go for dim sum later in the day.

"We will go yum cha, I think it is one of the very important things. I guess this thing has also been discussed by prisoners. We have been looking forward to this day for a long time."