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Answering in English a waste of time: Carrie Lam

2018-07-03 HKT 12:55
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  • Answering in English a waste of time: Carrie Lam
The Chief Executive Carrie Lam said on Tuesday that she was sick of "wasting time" speaking to reporters in English when she has often already said what she wanted to say in Cantonese.

Lam was responding to a question from an RTHK reporter on land supply as she met the media ahead of the weekly Executive Council meeting.

"Well, I think in future we'd better arrange simultaneous interpretation for this media standup because I kept on repeating the answers at each standup. I have answered exactly the same question in Cantonese, so I'm going to repeat what I said," the CE replied.

"But in future, the Director of Information Services may consider a better arrangement so that we don't need to waste time," she added.

The question from RTHK – which is a government department – was the only one put to Lam in English at the media standup, with three others asked in Cantonese.

In response to media enquires, a spokeswoman for the public broadcaster said the station's journalist had asked a proper question and the CE had responded to it.

English is an official language in Hong Kong and is usually used alongside Chinese for all major communication by the government.

In May, Lam told lawmakers that she would be willing to speak in English in the Legislative Council if they thought this would be a good way to improve English standards in the city.
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