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Size of Lantau plan was not decided by me: CE

2018-10-11 HKT 11:26
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  • Size of Lantau plan was not decided by me: CE
The Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, said on Thursday that she was not the one who decided on the size of reclamation in the “Lantau Tomorrow Vision" project unveiled in her Policy Address and it was arrived at by a Civil Engineering and Development Department team that prepared the plan.

During a radio phone-in programme many callers quizzed the CE about her showcase project and Lam said the reclamation size of 1,700 hectares was suggested by planning and engineering staff that studied the idea at length.

Under the new plan, the reclamation project near Lantau would be able to provide homes for up to 1.1 million people. The government had earlier proposed a similar plan called the East Lantau Metropolis, but it aimed only to create 1,000 hectares that could house 700,000 people.

During the radio programme, Lam also urged people not come up with any "conspiracy theories" about the project.

One caller, who backed the reclamation proposal, said the government could issue bonds specifically for retired people to buy as a way to raise funds for the reclamation.

The Hong Kong leader welcomed the idea and said her government plans to issue green bonds. These are generally bonds which are used for climate and environmental projects.

Another caller said the government needs to come up with a better population policy while creating new land, criticising the policy of allowing 150 people from the mainland to come to Hong Kong every day for family reunions.

Lam said in response that she didn't understand why people have to condemn family reunions. She stressed that Hong Kong needs talent for further development in light of a rapidly ageing population.