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Tung Chung crowds blamed on Zhuhai travel agencies

2018-11-05 HKT 12:17
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  • Tung Chung crowds blamed on Zhuhai travel agencies
Jason Wong talks to RTHK's Janice Wong
The chairman of the Travel Industry Council Jason Wong said on Monday that he will get in touch with authorities in Zhuhai after large crowds in Tung Chung over the weekend were linked to an influx of visitors without any proper itinerary.

Serpentine queues of mainland visitors were seen in the area on Sunday waiting for buses to transport them to the bridge border checkpoint for their return trips.

Wong said they were individual travellers from Zhuhai who weren't on a proper package tour.

"The individual travellers may have used public transport from the bridge to the Tung Chung area for some free time after crossing the bridge," he said.

"Perhaps they were arranged to [come to] Hong Kong in coaches by a local travel agency in Zhuhai. These are groups that may not have any itineraries. Most of them [travelled] to experience the bridge," Wong said.

The free time they have is not enough for them to travel to other areas of Tung Chung and we will talk to the Zhuhai authorities about this, he said.

Wong also said 30 percent of tour groups organised by Hong Kong used a newly set up pre-booking service on Sunday, for coaches crossing the new bridge.

The new service means that tour group travellers who pre-book will not have to queue up for buses when they arrive at the port area.

Wong told RTHK's Janice Wong that this arrangement has helped relieve the pressure on shuttle buses.

In a radio programme Wong was taking part in, a caller who identified herself as a Tung Chung resident said people in the area now have to travel to other districts to eat during the weekend because of the crowds.

Another caller said he was concerned about the environment as the visitors were leaving a lot of plastic bottles behind.