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Trump: China right to execute drug dealers

2019-02-16 HKT 00:52
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  • Donald Trump prepares to speak to reporters. Photo: AP
    Donald Trump prepares to speak to reporters. Photo: AP
US President Donald Trump on Friday hailed China's use of capital punishment for drug dealers, suggesting that the US would deal better with narcotics trafficking if it put offenders to death.

In China, drug dealers get "a thing called the death penalty. Our criminal drug dealer gets a thing called 'how about a fine?'" Trump told reporters at the White House.

"So if we want to get smart, we can get smart. You can end the drug problem. You can end it a lot faster than you think."

Trump also confirmed that he will declare a national emergency in order to build a barrier on the US-Mexico border without funding from Congress.

"I'm going to be signing a national emergency," Trump said, repeating his claim that a wall is needed to stop an "invasion" of drugs, gangs, human traffickers and undocumented migrants over the US border with Mexico.

"Everyone knows that walls work," said Trump, whose declaration will enable him to divert other federal funds towards the contested wall project.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Trump's Democratic nemesis in Congress, earlier warned that declaring such an emergency would be a "gross abuse of the power of the presidency."

New York state Attorney General Letitia James said she would challenge Trump's use of his national emergency power. (AFP)