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Govt backs arms with 'low-injury risk' for police

2020-01-15 HKT 13:41
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  • Govt backs arms with 'low-injury risk' for police
Lam Cheuk-ting speaks to Damon Pang
Security minister John Lee told lawmakers that the police will study the use of any equipment that could help law enforcement and lower the risk of injuries for everyone, amid reports that the force is looking into adding stun guns to their regular arsenal amid the ongoing protests.

Sources have told RTHK that there had been studies on stun guns after the Mong Kok clashes four years ago, but the idea was dropped for political and safety reasons. But now the department is looking to equip all officers with stun guns, the sources say.

At a Legislative Council meeting, Lee didn't directly respond to a lawmaker's question on this, but he said such equipment has a good record in other countries.

"We support the use of equipment that would lower the risk of injury for all sides. Some such equipment are used by overseas police with good record of usage," he said.

Democratic Party lawmaker Lam Cheuk-ting said he strongly opposed the idea, saying in foreign countries where taser guns are allowed, deaths have been linked to such equipment.

He also said this is not the right time for such a move.

“In these months, we saw so many cases in which police officers abused their power to use excessive force to suppress the protesters or even innocent civilians. I’m very worried that if the police escalate their weapons to use the stun guns, it will worsen the situation,” Lam said.