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Matthew Cheung criticises pan-dems for filibustering

2020-01-18 HKT 10:49
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  • Matthew Cheung criticises pan-dems for filibustering
The Chief Secretary, Matthew Cheung, says pan-democratic lawmakers are using the National Anthem Bill as an excuse to filibuster the house committee meetings.

But he said he’s confident that HK$10 billion of relief measures will be approved by Legco as they benefit the people.

He said he’s not afraid of being criticised of chopping and changing policies as the new measures show the administration is determined to deal with deep-rooted issues: "The 10 measures proposed by the chief secretary, err, the Chief Executive, are meant to institutional measures, not one-off measures like the financial secretary's relief package that are meant to be one-off measures.

"It's meant to tackle long-term problems, for example in retirement protection, by making uniform ... the old-age living allowance is a major step forward in old-age protection."

The measures were announced by the Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, on Tuesday. She said she had intended to announce them last year but decided to delay because of the ongoing anti-government protests.