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Protesters block roads, reporters pepper-sprayed

2020-01-19 HKT 23:18
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  • Protesters block roads, reporters pepper-sprayed
Protesters blocked roads and beat up a middle-aged man in Mong Kok on Sunday night, while police arrested a number of people and drenched journalists with multiple bursts of pepper spray as trouble returned to the district after several weeks of relative calm.

Protesters had used large garbage containers and other debris to block a number of roads in the area, including Nathan Road by Dundas Street in the evening.

Police say a man who tried to intervene was beaten up. A middle-aged man was filmed in the area bleeding from the head as volunteer medics attended to his wounds.

By the time riot police showed up, most of the protesters had long since fled, although there were a large number of journalists and curious onlookers still at the scene.

Police then unfurled flags warning the crowd to disperse as they were taking part in an unlawful assembly, before subduing and arresting a number of people.

In the process, officers repeatedly sprayed journalists, leaving splotches of noxious white liquid on their hair, clothes, and equipment as they coughed and sputtered.

Many had not had time to put on their protective gear, and police responded to their protests by spraying them again.