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Concerned Tsing Yi apartment residents stay indoors

2020-02-11 HKT 12:07
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  • Concerned Tsing Yi apartment residents stay indoors
People living in a Tsing Yi apartment block, from where some residents were evacuated over coronavirus outbreak fears overnight, said on Tuesday that they are highly concerned about the situation, as workers cleaned up the lobby and sprayed disinfectant in common areas.

Some residents said they planned to only go out once every two or three days, but said they had not thought about moving out of the building.

One elderly resident surnamed Hu, who lives on the same floor as the 12th coronavirus victim in Hong Kong, said he was not worried about the infection spreading through toilet pipes as his flat does not share the same pipe system as the evacuated flats.

But he said he was worried about contamination in the corridor and lift. He said people have become extra careful after the evacuation took place.

The man said he washes his hands frequently and is now using a pen to push the lift buttons, to avoid touching them with his fingers.

Another resident on the same floor said that after the first confirmed case, the authorities did not notify residents, and she was informed by a district councillor.

In the morning, workers in protective clothing cleaned the lobby and corridor of the block and sprayed disinfectant, while some people scrubbed the floor tiles outside the building.