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Quarantined Tsing Yi residents allowed home

2020-02-15 HKT 11:37
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  • Quarantined Tsing Yi residents allowed home
More than 100 residents of a block of flats where two people were diagnosed with the Covid-19 virus were allowed to return home on Saturday after testing negative for the virus.

The authorities moved them out of Hong Mei House and into quarantine camps in the early hours of Tuesday after a 62-year-old woman living in one flat was diagnosed with the virus not long after a person who lived 10 floors directly above.

The woman's son and daughter-in-law have since been diagnosed with the virus, as has the daughter-in-law's father.

Health officials say 101 samples from residents tested negative for the virus.

Engineers have checked the bathrooms in flat seven on every floor and fixed nine vent pipes that had been modified. Officials had said that the spread of faecal matter through a modified vent may have spread the virus between flats.

They've also disinfected the flats.

Housing officials said three other public housing estates which have seen confirmed cases will also have their drainage pipes checked as a precaution.