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Don't give up on 'disappointing' RTHK: adviser

2020-05-21 HKT 13:24
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  • Don't give up on 'disappointing' RTHK: adviser
The chairman of RTHK's Board of Advisers, Eugene Chan, has urged the Hong Kong public not to "give up" on the broadcaster, even though people are "naturally disappointed" with the station.

Chan was speaking after a meeting with Commerce Secretary Edward Yau, who this week ordered a thorough review of RTHK's editorial processes, management and governance in light of a second reprimand in as many months from the Communications Authority.

The board chairman said Director of Broadcasting Leung Ka-wing – who was not invited to Thursday's meeting – had always reassured the advisers that all was well at the station and that there was sufficient scrutiny of its programme production.

Obviously, that was not quite the case, Chan said.

He added that the board agrees with the Communications Authority's recent findings against RTHK, which include that the station launched a "gratuitous attack" on the police force in a February episode of the satirical show Headliner.

Chan told reporters that there was no discussion of any problems with RTHK's management during the talks with Yau.

But he said the board has decided to set up a task force to study ways to make sure the station's programmes are in line with the RTHK Charter.

Chan said it is important that the public broadcaster fulfills its duty to produce accurate and impartial programmes, promote a sense of national identity among the public, as well as to help people understand "One Country, Two Systems".

"I want to appeal to everyone in Hong Kong not to give up on RTHK, because we do hear that some people are disappointed. Naturally, we all are. But I can assure you that we will do our best to uphold the charter and support RTHK to be better tomorrow," he said.

"We support RTHK. We want it to thrive, and if we have done something wrong then we have to learn and do better next time."