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'No universal suffrage until HK gets politics right'

2020-11-25 HKT 18:28
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  • 'No universal suffrage until HK gets politics right'
Chief Executive Carrie Lam said on Wednesday that there won't be universal suffrage in Hong Kong until the city's constitutional order and political system are "restored".

At a press conference on her fourth Policy Address, Lam was asked by reporters why there was no mention of constitutional reform.

"I think we all know who to blame if we can't do this. We put forward a very open, universal suffrage proposal in 2014. But Occupy Central and struggles in Legco ended it," she replied.

The chief executive said with her current term ending in around 18 months, her priority will be on fixing the economy, housing and fighting the coronavirus.

As for a review panel she proposed to look into the causes of Hong Kong's social unrest, Lam reiterated that it is difficult to find people to take part due to the SAR's political atmosphere.

But she said the reason for the anti-government protests last year was because the "One country, Two systems" principle was not being implemented accurately.

Lam said she can easily tell people what deep-seated problems Hong Kong faces, besides housing and economic issues.

"First, people still resist 'One country, Two systems'. Second, people somehow have a weak sense of national identity. Third, lack of understanding of the Chinese constitution and the Basic Law," Lam said, adding that people have also been "influenced by foreign powers".

"I am aware of the problems after 40 years in public office. It's time to tackle them one by one, rather than setting up a committee to study the problems for a year or two and dragging its feet."