Our security law may even be superior to others: CE - RTHK
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Our security law may even be superior to others: CE

2021-01-26 HKT 12:59
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  • Our security law may even be superior to others: CE
Chief Executive Carrie Lam said on Tuesday that she hopes new US president Joe Biden will view Hong Kong's national security law in a fair manner, adding that it's just as good as similar legislation in other places, if not better.

In a speech delivered via video for the Hong Kong Forum on US-China Relations, Lam noted that ties between the two countries sharply deteriorated over the past couple of years, saying this is "as lamentable as it is harmful".

She went on to say that what is equally as lamentable, "if not outright resentful", is the various actions taken by the Donald Trump administration against Hong Kong.

"Those totally unjustified actions, or sanctions on the HKSAR Government, businesses and individuals were imposed under the so-called "Hong Kong Autonomy Act" and the former President's Executive Order. The former US administration tried to justify its actions by referring to the enactment and implementation of the national security law in Hong Kong in June last year. Such argument cannot stand up to scrutiny," she said.

Lam reiterated the SAR authorities' claim that the Beijing-imposed legislation protects people's rights and freedoms, such as the presumption of innocence, the prohibition of double jeopardy, and the right to a fair trial.

"These important features have put our national security law on par with, if not superior to, similar national security laws in other jurisdictions, including the US," she said.

"I hope the new US administration will view the national security law in Hong Kong in a fair manner."

She added however, that she and her colleagues who have been hit with sanctions by the US will not be intimidated and they will continue to carry out their duties in safeguarding national sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity.

Lam also said she hopes bilateral relations between the world's two leading economies will now start to improve, saying that during Biden's inauguration speech he appeared to echo the views of President Xi Jinping that there should be mutual respect and win-win cooperation.