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Can't please everyone on election changes, says govt

2021-04-09 HKT 17:07
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  • Can't please everyone on election changes, says govt
Maggie Ho reports
Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Secretary Erick Tsang told lawmakers on Friday that it is inevitable that some people will feel left out when the new election committee is formed, but declined to give further details of its composition as the matter is still being finalised.

Tsang was speaking at a meeting in Legco of a special subcommittee set up to discuss Beijing’s overhaul of Hong Kong’s electoral system.

Lawmakers there had wanted to know who in their respective sectors will sit on the expanded election committee, which will choose the next chief executive and a large number of future legislators.

Alice Mak from the Federation of Trade Unions noted the National People’s Congress Standing Committee had decided “grassroots organisations” are to be included, and asked what criteria the government would adopt to pick the most representative bodies.

Similar questions were raised for the professional sector, Chinese townsmen associations, and the arts and sports sector.

Another pro-Beijing lawmaker, Paul Tse, said many sectors have been demanding to be included in the committee, such as property agents and chiropractors, but they have been overlooked.

In response, Tsang said the government would make every effort to ensure the election committee is broadly representative.

“The number of seats is limited. No matter how hard we try to improve the system, inevitably, there will be people who feel pleased, and some who feel left out,” Tsang said.

“So, policy bureaus are discussing with respective sectors and society, indeed, they have heard views from different sectors and it is not an easy task,” he said.

“People might be affected personally, or in their own sector, affected by the adjustment. We may not be able to make everybody happy, but I hope they can have the best interest of Hong Kong in mind,” he added.

“If Hong Kong can develop even better, I’m sure that would benefit all sectors and all trades and everyone in Hong Kong.”