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US agents stirring up trouble in HK: police chief

2021-04-15 HKT 17:50
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  • US agents stirring up trouble in HK: police chief
Hong Kong's police chief Chris Tang on Thursday accused the United States of using its agents in the SAR to undermine national security, saying this is exactly what they did to incite the protests of 2019.

This is a fact, he told the media, after attending a series of police events to mark the city's first "National Security Education Day".

"I am not making allegations. I am talking about facts. The United States is one of the countries that tries to cause security threats in Hong Kong and China. I think this is not something secret," Tang said.

The commissioner explained that foreign countries are using various means to plant "anti-China" thinking in Hong Kong people's minds.

Agents of the foreigners pounce on issues they can use to stir up hatred against Beijing, putting out inaccurate media reports in order to get their messages to the public, he said.

Then, these agents mobilise people onto the streets, incite young people to break the law, and make use of public opinion polls to "hype up issues", Tang went on.

He explained that this is exactly how external forces caused the social unrest in 2019, claiming that the protests were not sparked by people's unhappiness with planned changes to extradition laws.

When asked to elaborate on his claims regarding foreign forces, Tang said details would be revealed in a forthcoming trial.

Meanwhile, the commissioner declined to say how national security police will vet candidates running for public office in future.

"The police force, as per other agencies in the world in charge of national security, will use our means to identify those who may cause threats to national security," he said.

Tang also said he believes dwindling application numbers for positions within the police force will rise again in future, blaming the current lack of interest on the "smearing" of officers during the protests.