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Govt dismisses risk from 'pro-violence' teacher union

2021-05-07 HKT 14:06
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  • Govt dismisses risk from 'pro-violence' teacher union
Damon Pang reports
Legislator after legislator on Friday warned the government it must watch out for the pro-democracy Professional Teachers' Union (PTU), making a series of claims against the body as it supports members struck off over protest-related complaints.

From "spreading wrong ideas", to "backing black violence", Hong Kong's largest teachers' union does it all, lawmakers warned Education Secretary Kevin Yeung at a Legco meeting.

The Liberal Party's Tommy Cheung claimed the union has a long history of harbouring bad elements, while Eunice Yung from the New People's Party's alleged that the union had promoted materials in support of the 2019 anti-government protests.

Business and Professionals Alliance (BPA) lawmaker Priscilla Leung agreed that the union spreads "lies and wrong ideas" and said it should be "handled" by the government.

But Yeung assured the pro-Beijing council that the union is nothing to be feared.

"Regarding all the cases with regards to professional misconduct, we follow our own guidelines and principles, we wouldn't be swayed by the union," he told them.

Yeung also stressed that education authorities will point out any wrongdoing, by any organisation, if it affects teaching at the city's schools.

In recent months, several teachers have lost their licences after the authorities decided they were guilty of "professional misconduct".

In response to the lawmakers' string of allegations, the PTU told RTHK that it doesn't support the idea of Hong Kong independence, and all it does is ensure that teachers who are struck off are treated fairly.

"The description by the lawmakers is not correct. The teachers in question are not spreading ideas of independence. So I think we have to clarify the facts in the appeal process," said the union's vice president, Ip Kin-yuen.

At the same Legco meeting, the BPA's Lo Wai-kwok also informed officials that education in Hong Kong is now so bad, that some of his friends have sent their children to study on the mainland.

"In schools there, they find out that their children can be healthy, happy, and learn and grow up in an atmosphere full of sunshine," Lo said.