'RTHK has the duty to promote Constitution Day' - RTHK
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'RTHK has the duty to promote Constitution Day'

2021-12-04 HKT 12:24
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  • 'RTHK has the duty to promote Constitution Day'
The director of broadcasting, Patrick Li, said on Saturday that RTHK has a duty to help to educate Hongkongers about the Basic Law and develop their national identity.

At a flag-raising ceremony co-organised by RTHK, the Basic Law Foundation and the Hong Kong United Youth Association at the Police College to mark Constitution Day, Li said the Constitution is the fundamental law of the nation, and has the highest legal status and legal effect.

He said the Constitution also gives the legislative backing and source of power for the Basic Law, and provides a solid legal basis and constitutional framework to the basic policies of one country, two systems, Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong and a high degree of autonomy.

The director of broadcasting said RTHK has to provide programmes that let the public understand the nation and develop their national identity.

The station has launched various shows to promote the Constitution, the Basic Law, as well as the culture and development of the country, he said.

The importance of education and promotion of the Constitution was also highlighted by Police Commissioner Raymond Siu, who cited President Xi Jinping as he made a speech in a flag-raising ceremony at the Police College.

He said having patriots rule Hong Kong had become the main theme of the SAR, and the city had to establish the authority of the Constitution by raising public awareness.

Siu said law enforcement must agree that allegiance to the Constitution underpinned national security, and they had to live up to the sacred responsibility of upholding national security.