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HK people about to enjoy real democracy: Xia Baolong

2021-12-06 HKT 17:31
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  • HK people about to enjoy real democracy: Xia Baolong
The director of Beijing's Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, Xia Baolong, said on Monday that Hong Kong had wasted time in seeking "Western-style democracy" but was left only with chaos and divisions.

In a speech via video link ahead of this month's Legco elections, Xia noted that Hong Kong people had never truly enjoyed democracy.

But he said the new electoral system allows the SAR to achieve good governance and a democracy that fits the city's actual situation.

"As some people from Hong Kong said, the city has been blindly seeking Western-style democracy for some time in the past, but in actuality, that didn't bring real democracy," he said.

"It brought social divisions, vicious fights, causing crises such as a disorderly society, an imbalanced economy and ineffective governance."

Xia referred to "black violence" in 2019 as he explained that the new system meets the need to make sure that only patriots run Hong Kong and that elections have sound competition.

He said candidates for the polls include people from different races, sectors and classes, such as "bus drivers, electricians, businessmen, academics, locals, mainland migrants and foreigners".

The director said he expects Hong Kong people who want the SAR to do well and who support One Country, Two Systems will cast their "sacred ballots" in the polls on December 19.

Xia added that under the national security law, "anti-China elements" in the territory are now getting the punishment they deserve.