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Govt to set up four task forces on major issues

2022-07-06 HKT 13:33
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  • Govt to set up four task forces on major issues
Chief Executive John Lee said on Wednesday that his administration will set up four working groups to tackle key problems in Hong Kong.

Speaking at his first Legislative Council question-and-answer session, Lee told lawmakers that his style of governance is about taking action, producing results and resolving issues.

"My style of leadership is that I expect all secretaries of departments and directors of bureaus to be involved in the first instance when problems arise, and they should take the lead and work without wasting time," he said.

"I will require all directors of bureaus to set targets for their work. And if there are issues, they must address them and there must be a stronger accountability culture, so to have a more effective governance. All directors of bureaus must submit their targets to the Chief Executive's Office in August."

Lee said the task forces, led by principal officials, will look at intergenerational poverty among disadvantaged young people, land supply, district affairs and the production of public housing.

Speaking after the Legco session, Chief Secretary Eric Chan, who has been tasked with leading efforts to alleviate poverty, said his initial thoughts involve formulating a one-year scheme to support 2,000 junior secondary school pupils from grassroots families.

He said the scheme would include mentor matching, personal development planning and financial assistance.

"We need to teach them how to achieve a proper goal in life, and how to plan their lives... and how, step by step, to make their dreams come true. I think this is a very important focus that we are doing now," Chan said.

Cheuk Wing-hing, the deputy chief secretary, is overseeing the working group on district affairs, which he said will meet for the first time next month to discuss concerns such as hygiene.

But he said that issues such as youth development and containing the Covid-19 situation are also priorities for him and the chief secretary.

Financial Secretary Paul Chan said his task force will tackle more than just land and housing supply.

"We will be publishing the forecast of land supply in the coming decade to enhance transparency and also enhance the oversight by the public of the work of the government in this respect," he said.

"I will be also overseeing the various ancillary community facilities to make sure those facilities are completed in time to support the residents moving in."

Paul Chan's deputy, Michael Wong, said he is confident that his working group on public housing production will submit concrete proposals during the administration's first 100 days in office – a goal set by the city's leader.