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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Mike Weeks and Ian Pooler


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At least one injured in latest Mong Kok clash   Listenfacebook
Mong Kok police station has once again seen ugly clashes between police and protesters. At least one man was injured as riot officers stormed into Prince Edward Station for the second time this week in pursuit of activists. Janice Wong reports:
Police defend arresting man who questioned their conscience   Listenfacebook
The latest unrest in Mong Kok came several hours after police defended the arrest of a man there on Monday night for asking them where their conscience had gone to. The force indicated he had committed some other unspecified crime and insisted that no one would be seized for merely expressing their views. But it's also under attack from the Journalists Association for using pepper spray on reporters during the mayhem around the district's police station, as Timmy Sung reports:
Bus search angers crowds in Kowloon Bay  Listenfacebook
Tuesday night also saw riot police stopping and searching a bus in Kowloon Bay that was believed to be carrying anti-extradition protesters, suspected of blocking roads in other districts. At least a dozen people were taken away following a two-hour search that brought down a large crowd of angry people who heckled officers. Altis Wong reports:
Student injured in police chase on day 2 of class boycott   Listenfacebook
A schoolboy was taken to hospital on Tuesday after police chased a number of students who had gathered outside a school in Tai Po, apparently for a demonstration. A video shared online shows a boy with a bloodied face after he fell while being pursued by officers at Confucian Tai Shing Ho Kwok Pui Chun College. Protests sprang up for a second day in a row at various secondary schools across the city on Tuesday, with students and alumni urging the government to respond to the demands of anti-extradition protesters. Jimmy Choi has more:
Cleaners worried about tear gas impact on their health   Listenfacebook
A union that represents cleaners of Hong Kong's streets, markets and public toilets has called on the government to properly protect them from the effects of tear gas. The Cleaning Workers Union said members are unsure of what to do when tear gas is fired and have nothing to protect themselves. Ian Pooler asked district councillor and medical doctor Kwong Po-yin about the impact of tear gas exposure on people like cleaners:
Beijing calls for more action to tackle violent protesters   Listenfacebook
Beijing has stepped up the rhetoric against anti-extradition protesters, accusing them of trying to paralyse the government and turn Hong Kong towards independence. Wendy Wong has the details:
Former senior official says it’s time for Carrie lam to go   Listenfacebook
A former deputy secretary for economic services says the Chief Executive,Carrie Lam, should consider resigning now with whatever dignity she has left. Elizabeth Bosher was referring to Lam's insistence on Tuesday that she hasn't given herself the option of quitting because she remains confident she can lead the city out of the political crisis she created. That was after she was recorded saying last week that if she had a choice, she would resign. Bosher also questioned whether Lam has been accurately informing Beijing about the real situation in Hong Kong, describing talk of independence and colour revolution as “absolute nonsense”. She spoke to Mike Weeks: