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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Mike Weeks and Ian Pooler


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More arrests after marches and tear gas hit HK streets again   Listenfacebook
Thousands of people have again flooded onto the streets of Hong Kong after a brief pause over the past two weeks for the District Council elections. Two of the three police-sanctioned marches on Sunday passed off without incident, but the largest demonstration in Tsim Sha Tsui saw police take action after accusing some protesters of throwing bricks and smoke-bombs. RTHK’s Candice Wong was there:
Police chief condemns attack on man clearing barricades   Listenfacebook
The organiser of the Kowloon march claimed a turnout of 380,000, while police said there were around 16,000 people present at its peak. The force also fired tear gas a number of times on Sunday night in Hung Hom, as a raucous crowd of protesters smashed up shops, restaurants and traffic lights in the Whampoa Garden area. At least two people were detained. There was also more trouble in Mong Kok. Earlier on Sunday, the police condemned an attack on a man who was hit on the head by a hard object while he was clearing barricades from Nathan Road, in Mong Kok on Saturday. Commissioner Chris Tang called on the community to set aside their emotions and look at incidents like this with rationality. Altis Wong has the details:
Government urged to seize ‘window of opportunity’   Listenfacebook
Despite the shattering on Sunday of the relative calm surrounding the District Council elections, the clashes over the weekend didn't appear to be as violent as in previous weeks. So is there still time and the political will to build on the peace dividend brought by last Sunday's elections? Christine Loh is a former under secretary for the environment and lawmaker. Mike Weeks asked her if the government missed another opportunity to end the crisis by not announcing any concessions following the big win by the opposition camp in the district polls:
Indonesian supporter of protesters faces deportation   Listenfacebook
An Indonesian domestic helper, who has been actively supporting the anti-government protests, is facing deportation from Hong Kong for overstaying her visa. Fish Ip, a spokeswoman for a group which has been helping her, says Yuli Riswati was in the process of renewing her work visa when immigration officers singled her out because of her political stance. She has been held for at least four weeks at the Castle Peak Bay Immigration Centre for not having a valid visa and is expected to be sent back to her country at any time now. Altis Wong asked Ip what led to Yuli's arrest:
HK teen wins global competition for QE trophy design   Listenfacebook
A Hong Kong teenager currently studying in Britain has won an international competition to design the trophy for the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering, which is considered the world’s most prestigious engineering accolade. Jack Jiang beat dozens of other international entries and will be awarded the 2019 Create the Trophy competition prize at Buckingham Palace on Monday. The 17-year-old spoke to Candice Wong about his green-energy inspired design and how he feels about winning the prize:
No sign of partial trade agreement yet   Listenfacebook
Protesters in Hong Kong again hailed President Trump as a hero on Sunday for signing off on the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act last week. But in doing so, the US leader also spoke of his respect for President Xi Jinping and indicated he believed the bill infringed on his authority to determine foreign policy. As he pushed though the bill in the run up to the Thanksgiving holiday, US stocks climbed ever higher on rising hopes that the US and China would sign an interim trade deal soon. The Hong Kong act brought the usual bluster from Beijing about interference in its internal affairs along with some undefined threats. But did it at all damage the prospects for a trade deal? Mike weeks asked RTHK's Washington correspondent, Barry Wood: