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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Mike Weeks and Ian Pooler


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Police face more accusations of arbitrary arrest   Listenfacebook
Police arrested dozens of people in Sheung Shui on Sunday, following an anti-parallel trading march. The force says petrol bombs were thrown at the Sheung Shui police station and some protesters had been disrupting the peace. But some of those swept up in the police action accused officers of arbitrarily arresting anyone who was wearing black or had a mask on. RTHK's Violet Wong was there:
Thousands take part in anti-parallel trading rally   Listenfacebook
Organisers of the Sheung Shui march say 10,000 people took part, while police put the crowd at its peak at a quarter of that number. As Cecil Wong reports, while the rally was staged to press for action against parallel traders, it often resembled an anti-government demonstration:
Change at Liaison Office doesn’t mean any change in Beijing’s policy   Listenfacebook
Seven months after the anti-extradition protests first erupted in Hong Kong, it's all change at Beijing's Liaison Office in the city. Former Shanxi province Communist Party secretary Luo Huining has been appointed to replace Wang Zhimin who – at the weekend - became the first official to be removed over the unprecedented turmoil. Just a week before, Luo was given a new role on a National People’s Congress finance committee. So what do we know about him and does the reshuffle suggest a change in Beijing's policy on Hong Kong? Ian Pooler asked China analyst Mark O'Neill:
Wuhan virus ‘not’ Sars   Listenfacebook
Eight more people have been isolated in Hong Kong hospitals after falling sick following visits to Wuhan. This comes as health authorities in the Hubei capital reported a spike in the number of cases of the mystery virus, but they say it's not a recurrence of Sars. Alex Price reports:
Killing of Iranian general a ‘game changer’ in the Middle East   Listenfacebook
The Iraqi parliament has passed an almost unanimous resolution calling for US and other foreign troops to leave the country, following the American killing of the Iranian General, Qasem Soleimani, and an Iraqi militia commander in a drone strike on Friday. At the same time, Iran is threatening to breach a key commitment it made in its agreement with the outside world to curb its nuclear programme. It said it would no longer heed any restriction on the number of centrifuge devices it can use, although it added that those steps could be reversed if Washington lifts its sanctions on Iran. Tehran has also vowed to take revenge. But in his latest tweet President Donald Trump reiterated his threat that the US would “quickly and fully strike back, and perhaps in a disproportionate manner" if Iran took any retaliatory action. Mike Weeks asked RTHK’s Washington correspondent, Barry Wood, if Soleimani’s killing is going to do anything but make the situation in the Middle East worse: