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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Mike Weeks and Ian Pooler


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Police beaten up and rally organiser arrested in Central chaos   Listenfacebook
Tear-gas again filled the air in Central on Sunday as mayhem erupted at an anti-government rally. Two 'community liaison' police officers were beaten bloody, and the main organiser of the protest, Ventus Lau, was arrested. He's accused of lying and not doing enough to help the force maintain law and order. But the organisers in turn accused the police of causing the chaos. Frances Sit was there:
Protesters beat up man in Mong Kok   Listenfacebook
On Sunday night, protesters moved on to Mong Kok where they blocked roads and beat up a middle-aged man who tried to intervene. Police made a number of arrests and drenched journalists with multiple bursts of pepper spray. Details from Cecil Wong:
Police ‘now just one of the combatants in unrest’: Michael Davis   Listenfacebook
A Hong Kong constitutional law expert, who now lives in the US, says in giving abrupt notice for approved demonstrations to end, the police seem to be using such rallies and marches as an opportunity to arrest people. But Professor Michael Davis says the tactic, which has now been seen three times since the turn of the year, is not going to resolve the issues which have led to more than seven months of anti-government unrest and violence. He spoke to Mike Weeks:
Michael Tien calls for HK$10,000 cash handout   Listenfacebook
Pro-government legislator Michael Tien is urging the financial secretary to announce a HK$10,000 cash handouts for each Hong Kong resident in next month's budget. The Roundtable lawmaker told RTHK he's generally against the idea of doling out money, but there's an urgent need to help those working in shops and restaurants, which have been hard hit by the past seven months of anti-government unrest. Tien spoke to Candice Wong:
HK told to expect Wuhan virus cases as infections jump in China   Listenfacebook
An infectious-diseases expert says Hong Kong can expect to soon see the first confirmed cases of the new coronavirus that's caused a pneumonia outbreak in Wuhan. The warning was issued after the Hubei capital reported a jump in infections over the weekend. Candice Wong reports:
Europe ‘worried’ its trade will be hit by US-China deal   Listenfacebook
The dust is still settling on the "Phase One" trade deal signed by the US and China last week. While markets have in the main reacted positively to it, questions are being raised over what impact Beijing's agreement to buy an additional US$200 billion worth of American goods and services over the next two years will have on its other global trading partners. RTHK’s international economics correspondent, Barry Wood, is currently in Berlin. Mike Weeks asked him what the Europeans feel about the partial trade agreement: