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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Mike Weeks


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Selected audio segments:
Teacher struck off register over ‘pro-independence’ messages  Listenfacebook
The Education Bureau has cancelled the registration of a school teacher it says used pro-Hong Kong independence material in class. The teacher is believed to have worked at the Alliance Primary School in Kowloon Tong. Todd Harding has the details:
Thai woman could face prosecution over ‘false’ covid lead   Listenfacebook
Health authorities have asked Thailand's consulate to help distribute specimen bottles to the country's citizens in Hong Kong, after another Thai person in the SAR came down with Covid-19 on Monday. As Timmy Sung reports, officials are also considering prosecuting a Thai housewife for allegedly giving them wrong information about the whereabouts of an infected friend:
Taiwan says HK cooperation needed over surrender of murder suspect   Listenfacebook
Taiwan says the Hong Kong government needs to cooperate when it comes to the surrender of murder suspect Chan Tong-kai, and that it can't be expected to just allow him to wander in as he pleases. Chan says he's willing to return to Taiwan to face justice in connection with the killing of his girlfriend but it's not clear how he can make his way there. Damon Pang reports:
CFA appointment a ‘boost for the rule of law’   Listenfacebook
The deputy president of Britain's Supreme Court, Lord Patrick Hodge, has been named by Chief Executive Carrie Lam as a non-permanent judge of the Court of Final Appeal. The appointment follows the recent resignation of Australian justice James Spigelman from Hong Kong's top court and restores the number of non-permanent judges from other common law jurisdictions on the court to 14. Mike Weeks asked Senior Counsel Ronny Tong, who's also a member of Lam’s Executive Council, if he was surprised at the appointment being made so quickly after Spigelman’s resignation:
Government urged to reintroduce rent controls  Listenfacebook
The government is being pressed to re-impose rent controls abolished 16 years ago, and introduce housing subsidies for grassroot families. The Concerning Grassroots Housing Alliance says underprivileged residents are under more financial pressure than ever as they struggle with the effects of the pandemic. The alliance's Eunice Chan told Candice Wong that a one-off subsidy currently available is doing little to help, with most of it going towards paying rent:
Ethnic minorities face discrimination from landlords   Listenfacebook
A survey has found that nine in ten ethnic minorities and asylum seekers have faced difficulties finding a place to live in Hong Kong, with more than half saying they have suffered discrimination by landlords or real estate agents. Jimmy Choi reports:
Flight attendants seek new careers as jobs hang in the balance  Listenfacebook
Many flight attendants in Hong Kong have been exploring their career options as airlines around the world consider major cutbacks in an industry crippled by the coronavirus pandemic. Hong Kong's flagship carrier Cathay is eyeing a major restructuring. With their careers now in the balance, some cabin crew are choosing to step away on their own terms and are branching out to find new opportunities. Wong Yin-ting spoke to some of them:
Government told to take the lead on electric vehicles   Listenfacebook
The government has been urged to stop buying petrol cars for its fleet, and replace old vehicles with electric ones. The call was made by the chairman of its Advisory Council on the Environment, Stanley Wong. He told a meeting of the council on Monday that the government should lead by example and take more aggressive steps to reduce carbon emissions. Currently about 2.5 per cent of private cars in Hong Kong are electric, while one in ten in the government fleet are. Wong spoke to RTHK’s Wendy Wong:
Thousands of covid cases in the UK left unreported by glitch  Listenfacebook
In England, a technical glitch that saw nearly 16,000 recent coronavirus cases go unreported has delayed efforts to trace contacts of people who tested positive. Public Health England says 15,841 cases between September 25 and last Friday were left out of the UK's daily case figures. All those who tested positive have now been informed, but others in close contact with them were not. London correspondent Peter Anderson says the news shows the latest surge in Covid-19 in England is worse than previously thought. Annemarie Evans asked him how that news had been received: