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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Mike Weeks


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Selected audio segments:
Former HK police chief dropped from US sanctions list  Listenfacebook
The US State Department has formally warned international financial institutions doing business with officials it accuses of undermining Hong Kong's autonomy that they could soon face sanctions. The US Hong Kong Autonomy Act, signed into law in July, required the State Department to list within 90 days those people it deemed responsible for what it called China's failure to meet its obligations toward its SAR, and set out what action is going to been taken against them. But one of those on the original sanctions list has been removed, as Carolyn Wright reports:
Hong Kong given a supporting role in Xi Jinping’s bay area vision   Listenfacebook
President Xi Jinping says Shenzhen should enrich "the new practice of One Country, Two Systems". As expected, he also said Hong Kong’s neighbour city will be the "engine" for the development of the Greater Bay Area, with Hong Kong to play a supporting role. Maggie Ho reports:
Shenzhen ‘an extraordinary success, but HK still has much to offer’  Listenfacebook
China analyst Mark O'Neill brushed aside concerns that President Xi Jinping's emphasis on the development of Shenzhen, in his speech on Wednesday to mark the 40th anniversary of the Special Economic Zone, may be a signal that Hong Kong is being sidelined. He told RTHK's Maggie Ho that the SAR's role in the Greater Bay Area can’t be replaced just yet:
‘People’s Policy Address’ calls for bold green recovery plan   Listenfacebook
Environmental activists are urging Carrie Lam's administration to come up with a bold vision for a green economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. They made the call as they presented what they described as "The People's Policy Address" on the day the Chief Executive was supposed to deliver her blueprint, but was instead in Shenzhen. Richard Pyne reports:
Second under-fire magistrate taken off criminal cases   Listenfacebook
A magistrate who has come in for heavy criticism from Beijing supporters and media over rulings in cases linked to Hong Kong's anti-government protests is being transferred to the Obscene Articles Tribunal. The judiciary says the switch is because of a "normal operational need". Timmy Sung reports:
81-year-old jailed for stabbing Leung Kwok-hung   Listenfacebook
An 81-year-old man has been jailed for three months and six days for stabbing former League of Social Democrats lawmaker Leung Kwok-hung. Priscilla Ng reports:
Kowloon City councillors tell police chief he’s not welcome   Listenfacebook
A row has broken out after 14 pro-democracy members of Kowloon City District Council told the police chief, Chris Tang, to stay away from their meeting on Thursday. Frances Sit reports:
HK Philharmonic audience advised to get Covid-19 tests  Listenfacebook
Health officials are advising people who attended two recent performances by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra to get tested for coronavirus. A 35-year-old musician who played on Friday and Saturday evenings has come down with the disease and dozens of other members of the orchestra have been quarantined. Damon Pang reports:
With winter coming ‘we all need to stay vigilant’   Listenfacebook
No new Covid-19 infections were reported on Wednesday, chiefly because the typhoon shutdown the day before delayed the testing process. But sources have told RTHK more than ten people tested preliminary positive, including a clarinet player with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. Ninety of his fellow musicians have been quarantined, and health officials are advising people who attended their two recent performances to get tested. Infectious disease specialist Dr Joseph Tsang backs that call. He spoke to Mike Weeks:
Firms urged to agree typhoon work arrangements with their staff   Listenfacebook
The Labour Department’s code of practice on work arrangements during typhoons has left people confused about whether companies can order staff to work from home when the number eight storm signal is issued, as on Tuesday. The code stipulates that while essential workers have to continue to go to work, everyone else should stay in a safe place. But now that most people are used to working from home, do bosses have the right to order their staff to do so during a typhoon? Janice Wong asked Andrea Randall, a partner at the law firm, Gall, who specialises in employment law: