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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Mike Weeks


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Quarantine infection controls to be strengthened  Listenfacebook
The government has unveiled new measures to strengthen infection controls as Hong Kong battles to keep more contagious Covid-19 variants at bay. The move comes after more evidence emerged that a man who flew in from Dubai in March, caught a mutant strain of coronavirus at a quarantine hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui. Sean Kennedy has the details:
Quarantine hotels a ‘loophole’ for spread of mutant strains   Listenfacebook
The man who arrived from Dubai tested negative for the virus before he was released from 21 days of quarantine. But he subsequently became infectious, leading to a recent cluster of variant Covid-19 cases in Hong Kong. Dr Gilman Siu, from the Polytechnic University, says the latest genetic analysis by his Department of Health Technology and Informatics shows he was infected by a man from the Philippines, who stayed in a room next to him at his quarantine hotel. Siu spoke to Wendy Wong:
Penny’s Bay food contractor to be prosecuted   Listenfacebook
The contractor supplying meals to people quarantined at Penny's Bay will be prosecuted over hygiene and other alleged offences. That was announced after government inspectors found problems at Danny Catering's food-storage facilities. Timmy Sung has more:
Two convicted of offering bribes for DAB votes   Listenfacebook
Two women have been found guilty of trying to bribe people to vote for the DAB in a Legislative Council by-election in 2018. One of them was a part-time assistant to Starry Lee, the chairwoman of the pro-Beijing party. Wendy Wong reports:
Civil service resignations hit 15-year high  Listenfacebook
More than 1,800 civil servants resigned from the government in the last financial year. That's the highest figure since 2006. Timmy Sung reports:
Further investigation of national security officer ‘warranted’   Listenfacebook
Pro-government lawmakers have voiced support for the Organised Crime and Triad Bureau investigation of the police director of national security, who was allegedly caught up in a raid on an unlicensed massage parlour. But questions over transparency remain as the incident became public only a month later, when it was reported by the media. Prominent legal scholar Eric Cheung has urged the police to divulge more information. The former member of the Independent Police Complaints Council told RTHK that many questions about the scandal remain unanswered:
Police superintendent recounts last moments before protester’s death   Listenfacebook
A top police crisis negotiator has told an inquest that an anti-government protester fell to his death from Pacific Place in June 2019 when firefighters moved in on him from two directions. He said Marco Leung fell after grabbing scaffolding at the edge of a platform on which he'd unfurled a protest banner on the outside of the Admiralty shopping mall. Jimmy Choi reports:
Tip offs end surprise in lift and escalator inspections  Listenfacebook
The Ombudsman, Winnie Chiu, has criticised the effectiveness of government inspections of lifts and escalators. She pointed out that spot checks by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department were often not a surprise at all. Damon Pang has the details:
Complaints over public toilets ‘papered over’   Listenfacebook
The Ombudsman’s office says the government has to do a better job managing and maintaining public toilets. The watchdog noted that complaints about such facilities weren't even analysed properly until last year, after the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department was criticised by the auditor. Dr Henry Hung from the Toilet Association says the management and maintenance of public toilets should be handled by a single government department. He told Frances Sit that would help cut red tape and ensure improvements are made in a timely manner:
Green groups call for HK$1 plastic bottle deposit   Listenfacebook
Green groups say giving people money to return plastic bottles will encourage Hongkongers to recycle more, but only if the government increases the amount of rebate planned. Officials are proposing 10 cents for each bottle returned, but environmentalists say HK$1 would be a lot more effective. Violet Wong reports:
Coinbase to face competition as established players join the field   Listenfacebook
Cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase has seen a meteoric rise over the past few years, as levels of investor trust in virtual currencies have escalated. The company made its debut on the Nasdaq in mid-April and has just reported revenue of US$1.8 billion for the first quarter. Carolyn Wright asked Howard Yu, the LEGO Professor of Management and Innovation at IMD Business School in Lausanne Switzerland if there were any surprises in the earnings report:
Uncle Ray hangs up the headphones after 70 years   Listenfacebook
For more than seven decades, disc jockey Ray Cordeiro - or "Uncle Ray" - has been a fixture of Hong Kong radio. In the year 2000, he was even named by the Guinness Book of Records as the "World's Most Durable DJ". But after seven decades spinning the decks, he’s decided to call it a day. His show, “All The Way With Ray”, will air for the last time at 10PM on Friday. Vicky Wong sat down to speak with Cordeiro and reflect on his long years of working for RTHK and the lives he touched along the way: